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Primary Classroom Activities – CLT Fun Learning Experiences in Action

Communicative language teaching or C-L-T is one of the best ways of learning the language. What with the interactions by the pupils through varied activities, learning is both fun and meaningful. Here are tips:

1. People bingo

Each pupil has an activity sheet which contain words or phrases describing a person, say, a math wizard, has a friend abroad, loves to read, likes to eat out, etc. They must use the language while interacting with their classmates. Once they discover a classmate fits the description, they would write his name in the box bearing the description. Then, look for another pupil, have a short talk and so on. Upon completing the activity sheet, they submit it to the teacher; the teacher then would announce the winner. Variations can be applied here. They could do the activity in the gym, or in the multi-purpose hall, or outdoors.

2. Draw your guardian angel

Yes, children love to draw. And they would love it more if they are given a chance to showcase their own creativity and imagination. Here, teacher must provide the materials, say, the questions to be asked to a learning- partner. But when they are used to it, they could then formulate their own questions.

Through Q/A, pair of pupils can draw an angel. Say, one asks this: Is your angel has a ” halo “? Does she/he have wings? The other, instead of answering orally, draws. Then, he will explain his drawing to his learning-partner; then, reversal of role. Variations could be: draw your monster, favorite fruit, teacher, etc.

3. Interview star pupil

Say, a child is good in math. His classmates, of course, would love to hear his secret study habits. He then takes the center seat while his classmates are seated around him throwing questions like: “What makes you tick as a pupil?”, “What are your study habits?”, etc . Here, questions thrown must be related to the topic or within pupils’ level of ability. Variations could be: a new pupil in the school, a little champion, new class president, and the like.

4. Create/Describe a scene

Teacher explains the mechanics of the activity. Say, haggling in the night market– the customer keeps on asking a discount for an item –saying some tall- tales about the item that he thinks would devalue the item. Acting as mute or deaf, the store keeper does not mum a word; just letting the haggler do all the talking. Then the teacher say “freeze”; calling other pupil to describe the scenario. Variations could be: real life situations such as fiesta, baptism, earthquake scenario, or the like.

Such activities would definitely make your classroom boredom-free and exciting.

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