Tips for Going Back to School on Crutches

As the new school year begins, many parents are worried about the same things as usual. They need to get their children’s school supplies and perhaps even some new clothing. This year, however, you might have a different obstacle on your mind. If your child injured himself over the summer break, he might be starting the year off on crutches. While starting a new grade can be hard for many reasons, going into the year on crutches can make everything that much harder. Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead so that your child can start the year off on one foot with as much ease as possible.

Tip#1 Prepare the School

The first thing you need to do to get ready for the school year is talk to your child’s school. Inform the school about your child’s injury so you can put the proper gears into motion. You might, for example, have to get medications to the school nurse so your child can get what he needs at the right time during the day. The school might also allow your child extra time to get from class to class. You might also ask if your child can have access to the school elevator if the school has stairs. You will also need to excuse your child from gym and get any other needed instructions to the school. If your child’s school is ready for your child, the transition to the school year will be much more smooth.

Tip#2 Prepare Your Child

When the school year starts, your child might be ready to go full steam ahead. You will need to prepare him or what he is about to face. Remind him to listen to his body so he knows when he needs to rest or ask for extra help. Tell him of the things he might have to face in school that could be hard like carrying books, going up and down stairs, and sitting for long periods of time. Help him to find ways to get around these obstacles like by asking friends to carry things for him. If your child knows what to expect, he will get through the first few days more easily and adjust to the new situation, even on crutches.

Tip#3 Look into Alternatives to Crutches

As you may have noticed, everything is harder for your child when he is on crutches. When you think about sending him off to school, you might be scared for just how hard it is all going to be. One thing you could do is look into mobility devices other than crutches to help make his day easier in a number of ways. There are several great options on the market that can really help your child get around easier and faster.

Going back to school is never easy, but when your child is on crutches, it can be even harder. These tips can help you prepare both your child and his school in order to make the change from summer to school time as seamless as possible.