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Teacher Resume Tips – How to Get Your Teacher Resume Noticed

There is no doubt that teaching jobs are more difficult to secure than ever before. States around the country are drastically cutting their budgets in an attempt to battle rising fuel costs and a tough economy. In fact, many school districts are being forced to cut more than 20 million dollars from their budget. Unfortunately, this is leading to many people actually losing their teaching job.

So how are teachers supposed to get a teaching job in this situation? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes, but it’s not going to be easy. To land a teaching job candidates are going to have to pull out all the stops…they are going to have use every trick in the book.

One problem many teachers have is getting their resume noticed. How does one make their teacher resume stand out when a school district may get thousands of resumes?

Here’s how…

First, let me preface this by stating that the resume tip you are about to read will always be powerful, but as of the writing of this article it is currently EXTREMELY powerful as hardly anyone is using it.

Also, let me state that I did not come up with this resume tip on my own. It was actually brought to my attention from someone who works in the human resource department at the Sarasota School District in Florida. The Sarasota School District is a very popular Florida school district that gets thousands upon thousands of resumes every year.

In a recent conversation it was brought to my attention that a strategy is starting to be used (by very few candidates – roughly 1 out of a 1000) that is not only making the candidate look good, but also making the candidate’s resume STAND OUT. It is something that will immediately get the readers attention…something that will literally force the reader to take a closer look at your resume…something that simply cannot be overlooked.

What is so fascinating about this strategy is that it is taken right out of marketing 101. It is the same strategy that has worked for sales letters and websites for years…it is so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself!

What is this amazing resume tip?

Simply add testimonials to your resume. That’s right…testimonials!

**Important Note: This is not meant to replace the reference section of your resume. You will still have a section at the end of your resume where you write your references (including name, title, and phone number).

However, in addition to references you will now include testimonials on each page of your resume. Just like you would see on a website. Simply use the left margin of your resume to write testimonials from other people about you. Remember, when it comes to getting a job, you are “selling” yourself, and ask any marketer and they will all tell you the same thing…testimonials increase sales. So use the left margin to write short 1-sentence testimonials. Use small font, and italics with the person’s name and title included.

For example:

______ has an outstanding

work ethic.

–Jim Ross, Principal

Mr.______ has been

a real team player.

–Harriet Cohen, Principal

______’s positive attitude has

helped inspire students to learn.

–John Smith, Teacher

You get the idea. Simply place several testimonials on each page and watch how much more your resume stands out from all the others.

Again, this strategy is currently being used by very few people so now is the time to take advantage of that. I guarantee there will be a time soon when this strategy becomes routine and every resume will include testimonials. Until then you have a golden opportunity to make your teacher resume grab the readers attention and get you the teaching job of your dreams.

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