Tips to Teach Middle School Volleyball Players

Working with middle school aged volleyball players requires a combination of technical know-how and the ability to make things fun. Here are a few tips on how you can do that. Focus on proper mechanics You have a responsibility when working with young volleyballers to do your absolute best to teach and encourage proper mechanics. This will serve your players…

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A Guide to Good Classroom Discipline

1. Good classroom discipline starts with being fair. Make sure that all students get the same punishment for doing something wrong – even if it is your best student. Conversely, make sure that all of your students get equally rewarded for good work. Do not favor a student – other students will see this and resent you for it and…

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Teaching Music to Kids – Tips and Strategies

Music is one good thing to teach to children and in fact, those children who start learning music at an early age tends to become good in their chosen fields and does well with reading music, playing instruments and other goals they pursue in terms of music. If you are looking forward to teaching music to kids, here are a…

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