3 Tips for Learning Spanish With FSI Spanish (Foreign Service Institute)

In this article I am going to give you some tips or secrets on learning Spanish With FSI Spanish (Foreign Service Institute). By following these 3 tips or secrets to learning FSI Spanish, you will find that the course is lot more effective and enjoyable.

1. Review the lessons between 4 to 5 times

If you are using the FSI system, then you are already aware of the fact that the FSI method includes a textbook and CDs.

Many students complain that the FSI method is not effective and that the textbook is very tedious to read. If you are finding that the FSI method is ineffective, that may be because you are only doing each lesson one time. Many students make this mistake when they first start learning Spanish with FSI.

One of my students told me that he stumbled upon this secret when he did not have the money to purchase any other Spanish language courses to continue his self-education. And instead letting his learning of the Spanish language come to a complete halt, he went back and reviewed both the FSI textbook and audio over and over again. That’s when he realized the secret to learning with the Foreign Service Institute system was to review the lessons over and over again instead of only covering each lesson one time.

2. Use the audio by itself when commuting or doing other activities

After you have gone through the lessons 4 to 5 times with both the textbook and audio, listen to the CDs while driving. Alternatively, you can put the audio on your MP3 player or your Ipod and listen to the lessons while you out taking a walk, waiting online in the supermarket, waiting at the dentist’s office, etc. By following this advice, you will notice that the material is reinforced in your memory and that your listening comprehension has significantly improved.

3. Supplement your studies

As good as the FSI method is, it is not perfect. The FSI method teaches relatively formal or academic Spanish that the Institute has used to teach diplomats and other government personnel. If you want to learn how to speak the language more casually you should supplement your FSI studies with a more informal course such as Learn Conversational Spanish Now or Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC). LSLC includes downloadable re-mastered copies of FSI Spanish Levels 1 to 4 with your copy of LSLC Level 1.

In summary, the FSI method can be very effective providing that you practice each lesson numerous times before moving on to the next lesson, listen to the audio repeatedly while performing other activities, and supplement your learning with an informal course.