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Using Trade Books in the Classroom

Looking for a way to encourage your students’ interest in a topic? Trade books can provide the needed spark. Trade books, which are primarily designed to entertain and inform outside the classroom, can be used successfully in the classroom to heighten motivation in your students. Trade books cover just about every topic under the sun, so you can probably find…

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Engaging Students in Learning – Tips and Ideas

A brain-based classroom is one in which students are actively engaged in learning. What exactly does it mean for students to be actively engaged? It certainly is not having students complete worksheets, answer basic questions, or take notes of a lecture. Take a minute to think about the definitions of these two words. The word active means moving, working, participating,…

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Tips To Write A Good Curriculum Vitae

Your curriculum vita could be the key to securing an interview or get you that initial foot in the door when it comes to applying for a new job. However, how can you ensure that your curriculum vita will be sent to the Human Resources department for processing rather than thrown straight in the trash can? Here are tips to…

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