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8 Teaching Benefits of Audio Books

There’s no denying the fact that most people hated reading as kids. Only a few kids enjoy reading, especially if there is an alternative. Audio books have now made it possible for children to get better access to materials that they don’t like reading. Of course they must still read, but reading any material and still hearing it makes the…

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Team Building Tips – Take Your Team from Great to Extraordinary

Whether you are an organization, or a professional responsible for facilitating the team building process of a team or group, the following tips are ensured to give you some new ideas on how to accelerate your team building initiatives: 1. Create a Common Vision A common vision for all team members is essential for team building and organizational success. Spend…

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Single Parenting Tips For You

If you are raising your children on your own, you are in good hands. Single parenting is now more common than ever across the world. Learn how to cope with challenges that come with it and how you can raise happy and healthy children. Raising a child is not easy, it’s hard enough when with your partner, but when you…

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LSAT – 5 Great Tips For LSAT Success

1. It’s All In the Timing As you flip through a practice LSAT test book, you read the questions and think to yourself, “Yeah, I could answer that question”. But can you answer 20+ of them within 20 minutes? And can you count on yourself not to panic when you hear the proctor shout, “5 minutes left!” Reviewing test-taking strategies…

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