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How to Identify Bad Classroom Management

Bad classroom management is a phase that every teacher tries to avoid. This simply implies that you are ineffective as a teacher. In one way or another, mentors often experience incompetence issues. After all, class management is a skill that can’t be taught and digested in a single day. It is watered by years of experience.

Even seasoned teachers still exprience bad classroom management. For one, this procedure is not universal in scope. You can’t apply a single methodology to all of your classes over the years. Much more, it is also a trial and error process so as to find out the right management procedure.

Perhaps the question here is, how do we really identify that our classroom methodology is not effective? Is there such a thing as bad classroom management? What are the signs of such? Here are the things that we need to note and observe.

Sign #1: Uncontained noise. This is the first symptom of a bad classroom management. As a teacher silence must be implemented to obtain order. However, if you can’t implement such and you can’t get a hold of your students, then there is definitely something wrong with your management. Students have the right to talk only during breaks or if given the privilege. But if you are having a lecture and students are talking, your lecture delivery may be ineffective.

Sign #2: Disrespecting students. The thing that draws between students and teacher is respect. With such a trait, this will make the classroom harmonious. But without it, chaos and quarrel will definitely emerge. If during class you notice that one of your students is no longer following you or perhaps challenging your stance, it is a clear indication that what you are implementing in the classroom is not good. You need to find a way or ways on how to win their respect back and how to put them in the place where they belong.

Sign #3: Disorganization of the classroom. This sign covers almost anything in the class. One of which is formal lecture flow. If you think you are jumping from one topic to another without any direction, this is one clear indication. Another one is cleanliness and tidiness in the classroom. If your room is filled with clutter without even a student picking, then your students don’t have any respect to their second home. It is a must to inculcate cleanliness even if your school has a janitor.

The important thing here is to set out your rules and regulations in the classroom. As a teacher you need to ensure that these must be followed accordingly. And as such you yourself must also be the first one to implement it inside. Teachers are not only there to teach, but also to manage a classroom. So as to avoid bad classroom management, be mindful of these signs and take immediate action once experienced and seen.

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