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Tips on Learning a Foreign Language

There’s a flaming debate on which the best method of acquiring a language is. There are two main methods of learning a language: the natural and the artificial way. The first at hand, and by far most popular method of learning a language, is the natural method. Some linguists support the natural method, which means getting in touch with the…

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Resume Tips For a Paperless World

Common myths Most of the commonly stated myths about resumes come from people who still live in a world of paper. The fact is that resumes are now seldom on paper. The means by which to deal with documents without paper has been on the desks of managers for more than 15 years. If a manager is still using paper,…

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Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Teaching Position

The teaching profession is a very competitive one and when applying for a new teaching post either as an experienced teacher or as a newly qualified teacher, making the right impression from the outset is vital. And the first impression, when applying for a teaching post, is made by the cover letter. Many teaching posts require applicants to write long,…

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Tips for Going Back to School on Crutches

As the new school year begins, many parents are worried about the same things as usual. They need to get their children’s school supplies and perhaps even some new clothing. This year, however, you might have a different obstacle on your mind. If your child injured himself over the summer break, he might be starting the year off on crutches.…

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